“Fantasy Nail Art ” “Fantasy Total Look” Rules

                             Religious and military subjects are forbidden !!!

1. Fantasy Nail Art is considered a submitted art competitionbecause the artwork is prepared prior to thecompetition and thenpresented on a model at the time of the event.
2. The model must be complete with the costume, make-up and nails on. The model should be completely finished and reading for judging when arrived.
3. It is not necessary for the competitor to be present during the actual judging. Competitors that are   competing in other competitions during the time of judging May choose to present their model and then leave them for judging so that they can still compete in the hands on competition taking place at the same time.
4. Only the model and competitor are allowed on the competition floor for judging.
5. Competitors may use all types of products used in the nail industry.
6. Artwork must be on every finger.

7. The tips do not need to be glued onto the models nails. Clips are allowed to help
support the artwork on the model to prevent the need of glue.
8. Competitors may use items to help create the 3D figures. Wire, netting, balloons or
anything that helps to build out the artwork except molding clays.
9. Three dimensional, pre-cast embellishments, feathers, decals, gems, accessories,
ornaments or any form of fantasy is allowed. That includes LED lights or electrical
parts. Anything to add to the artwork.
10. The artwork should be 3D artwork displayed on every nail.
11. There is no limitations as to how large the artwork can be.
12. Keep in mind the costume is a large part of this competition. It should represent the
theme of the artwork.
13. The artwork should have all types of artistry of all styles and creativity.
14. There should be a strong theme presented in the artwork
15. Total possible point is 140.