“Fantasy Nail Art Tip Box” Rules

                         Religious and military subjects are forbidden !!!

1. Fantasy Nail Art tip box is considered a submitted art competition.
2. All artwork must be attached onto 1 nail tip as the base. Any tip length and shape is
3. The artwork may be as large as the competitor chooses, but it must fit into the proper
size box.
4. Covered displays may be bought or made. Boxes should not be any larger
than 25 centimeters in either direction and no more than 20 centimeters in height.

5. Competitors may use all types of products used in the nail industry.
6. Competitors may use items to help create the 3D figures. Wire, netting, balloons or
anything that helps to build out the artwork except molding clays.
7. Three dimensional, pre-cast embellishments, feathers, decals, gems, accessories,
ornaments or any form of fantasy is allowed. That includes LED lights or electrical parts.
Anything to add to the artwork.
8. The artwork should be 3D artwork
9. The artwork should have all types of artistry of all styles and creativity.
10. There should be a strong theme presented in the artwork
11. Total possible point is 120.