” French Twist” Criteria


  • The exterior of the nail form should be contoured completely symmetric.
  • The surface of the nail should have no inconsistencies or appear to be uneven on the outer surface.
  • The judge will examine the nail by looking at it from the front perspective to check to make certain zone 3 is correct and from the back side perspectives to check to make certain zone 2 is correct.
  • The nail can earn a 1/2 point for each correct zone.


  • The interior contour of the free edge must be completely symmetric.
  • 1 point can be earned for each nail.

Arch and Apex

  • The high point (apex) of the arch should not appear overly apparent.
  • It should have a subtle and gradual incline that is located consistently in the second zone (see example) of each nail.
  • The entire arch including the apex, should be not be overly apparent or appear too flat in the second zone.
  • The arch should not be located too far forward or back in the second zone when looking at the entire nail from a profile perspective.
  • The nail can earn a 1/2 point for each of these two criteria that are required

Free Edge Thickness

  • The nail must be consistently thin throughout the nails free edge and measure the same on the sidewalls.
  • The center of the free edge should not be any thicker than 1.5mm until it reaches the top of the finger tip from the underside of the nail.
  • The nail can earn a 1/2 point for each of these two criteria that are required.
  • See example of measuring tools used to measure the thickness.


  • The Free edge must extend straight out from the lateral folds.
  • The nail should be uniform on each side.
  • There cannot be any ridges on the free edge extension.
  • The sides of the free edges should feel smooth and appear to be filed clean.
  • There is a 1/2 point earned for each side of every nail being scored.


Lateral Side Extension

  • To find the lateral side extension you must look at the extension from the nails profile.
  • There should be no exposure of the natural nail’s lateral fold.
  • There is a 1/2 point earned for each side of every nail being scored.

Surface Smoothness

  • The entire surface of the nail should be completely smooth.
  • There should be no scratch marks or ruff spots from the product application.
  • All of the nail should be sealed with gel sealer or top coat.
  • 1 point can be earned for each nail


Uniformity of Nail Shape

  • Each nail must look similar in shape with a similar style to earn a ? point.
  • The shape of the nail must look straight as it extends from the nail plate and should appear straight when looked at from the front perspective. The nail must be straight and aligned to the natural nail, not the finger to earn a ? point. .


  • 1 hand competition- Each nail is measured from the cuticle to the top of the free edge extension.
  • The Index, middle and ringer finger must be the exact same length.
  • The thumb and pinky must be the same length.


  • The back side of the nails free edge extension should appear completely clean to earn a ? point
  • There should be no visible dust, debris, excessive oil or product of any kind.
  • If product such as top coat or gel sealer are used to create transparencies for the free edge, the application must appear smooth behind the nail with no excess product on the skin
  • The application of product should appear smooth to earn a ? point.
  • No excessive acrylic or gel or electric file marks that ruin the appearance of the nails free edge.
  • If electric files are used the free edge must appear smooth.

Cuticles Area

  • The cuticle and surrounding skin on the nail folds must not have any new cuts or irritation around the nail.
  • There should not be any noticeable and apparent ledge of product that can be felt or seen near the proximal folds.
  • The application of product must be apparent and cover the entire cuticle area near the proximal folds without leaving a large margin between the cuticle line.
  • The product must not be overly filed and must be apparent.
  • Each nail must have all criteria to earn 1 point and 2 of the criteria to earn a 1/2 point.


Product Control

  • All of the White application should have a solid appearance when used. No shadows where applied.
  • If cover pink is used for the nail plate extension, it must cover the entire nail plate at the cuticle line.
  • There should not be any shadows in the white or cover powder pink if used to extend the nail plate.
  • If glitter is used, control of application must be considered.
  • 1/2 point is given for the control of the products used.
  • There must not be any air bubbles and or pitting in the product.
  • 1/2 point is given for no air bubbles and pitting.


High Shine Finish

  • The nails should have a high gloss shine that has a glass finish appearance throughout the entire surface of the nail.
  • The shine on the nails should have a reflective appearance
  • The sides, edges and cuticle area must be considered.
  • Lines of demarcation are NOT considered as long as the shine is apparent.
  • If gel sealer is applied, the sealer must be completely cured.
  • The sealer should not feel or appear to be tacky or dull on the surface of the nail.
  • All of the tacky residue (inhibition layer) must be completely removed off of the nail.
  • 1 point can be earned for each nail.

 Artistic Criteria

Creativity of Design

  • Each nail should have a creative collaboration between distinct French and an artistic element used to create the total look.
  • The nail should have an even balance of white and pink ratio and appear evenly balanced

Total Impression

  • Base your opinion on the total impression of the artistic element that is represented for each nail.
  • Every nail should represent the artistic element evenly amongst the completed set.
  • There should not be some nails with more or less work than others.

 Level of Difficulty

  • Base your opinion on the complete nails level of difficulty for the division the entree is entered into.


  • The total look should be something you have not seen before.