General rules 2019

  1. INJA Nailympion competitions are open to students and professional nail technicians.
  2. The competitions are open to those who satisfy the requirements and applies to the competition properly.
  3. As an international competition participant, the competitor must respect all rules and manners of competition.
  4. Universal and commonsensical standards will apply to other manners or rules not specified in the INJA and Nailympion rules.
  5. A competitor will be disqualified if they intentionally or recklessly applies to a lower division then the actual division they belong in.
  6. A competitor will be disqualified and banned from all future INJA and Nailympion competitions globally, if they are caught cheating at the time of any of the competitions.
  7. Competitors must specify the division they are entering when the application form is completed. Once the competitor and has registered they can not change divisions without direct permission from the head judge.
  8. A competitor can not apply to multiple divisions.
  9. The competitor must enter the highest division they qualify for.
  10. Due to the large attendance of international competitors, INJA and the competition’s organization is not responsible for verifying that each competitor enters into the correct division.
  11. INJA and the competition’s organization reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor.
  12. There are no refunds of competition fees
  13. Competition fees are non-transferable
  14. All photos and videos taken by INJA or Nailympion and the competition’s personnel or hired contractors are the sole property of INJA and the competition’s organization to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by them without compensation to the competitors and models.
  15. Competitors must use a live model and arrange for the model themselves.
  16. Competitor and Models must be at least 18 years old for divisions 1,2&3.
  17. INJA and the competition’s organization is not responsible for any competitor not adhering to or understanding all of the rules
  18. There is no smoking, drinking Alcohol or eating allowed on the competition floor unless allowed by organizer prior to the competition.
  19. No mobile phones, tablets or computers of any kind on the competition floor during the competition for both the competitor and the model. No Apple Iwatch or Samsung watches that can be used to communicate are allowed.
  20. No outside communication with competitors while competitions are going on.
  21. Competitors may not be on the competition floor until the floor is open for set up. If the competitor is competing in the following competition, you may leave your table set up but must clear the floor until the floor judge opens it up for the next competitions set up.
  22. Competitors not understanding English or the language of the hosting country must provide their own translator.
  23. Translators must read over the rules with the competitor prior to the competition briefing to assure the competitor understands all of the rules
  24. The translator must be present during the competition briefing and stay just outside the competition floor in a designated area during the competition in the event that they are needed for communication with the competitor.
  25. INJA and the competition’s organization is not responsible for any competitor not adhering to or understanding all of the rules
  26. Only competitors and models are allowed to enter into the competition floor. However, translators are allowed to enter the competition floor when the communication with the competitors is necessary and also during the briefing.
  27. Each competition will have a briefing 15 minutes prior to the start of the competition.
  28. All competitors and models must be present for the briefing.
  29. Once the briefing of a competition begins, the competitor may not touch the models nails until the competition begins. If anyone or any competitor touches the models nails after the briefing and before the competition begins, there will be a 5 point deduction from their final score.
  30. Models nails will be checked by the floor judge after the briefing to be certain no application has been done prior to the start of the competition.
  31. Competitors allowed to prepare the natural nail prior to the competition. But absolutely no application work of any kind until the competition officially begins.
  32. If it is decided by the floor head floor judge that application work has been done on the model prior to competition, the competitor will receive a 5 point deduction to their final score.
  33. Competitors are allowed to set up table, products and supplies during the competition briefing
  34. Competitors or models may not go into their kits once the competition has started.
  35. All products being used during the competition must be clearly labeled. Hand written labels are acceptable.
  36. Competitors must bring all of the necessary electrical supplies, including UV/LED lamps, extension cords, adapters, electric files and table lights.
  37. Each competitor will be provided one electrical outlet.
  38. Competitors must provide their own products
  39. Strictly no molds may be used for any of the competitions.
  40. Once the allotted time is up the competitors must immediately stop working and put their hands up. The model must stand up and get in line for judging immediately.
  41. Competitors caught touching their models hands after the time has been called will receive a 10 point deduction to their final score
  42. Models that have any tattoos on the lower arms or anywhere on their hands must adhere to the rule of having them covered by an official prior to judging.
  43. Models may not wear any jewelry on their hands or wrist
  44. When instructed, competitors are responsible for getting their model to the judging arena and making certain the model understands that they must be judged by all of the judges before leaving the competition arena.
  45. Models must not leave the judging area until they have been completely judged.
  46. Any model that leaves the judging arena prior to being completely judged will be disqualified.
  47. Any competitor not abiding by these rules will take whatever point deduction is allowed in the rules. For any rules not specifying a point deduction, there will be one warning. The second infringement will be penalized by a 5 point deduction and the third infringement will be cause for disqualification of the competition.
  48. In the event of a tie or of any disputes to the scoring places first through ten, the head judge will make the decision.
  49. The head judges decision is final.
  50. Score sheets will be made available for all competitors.
  51. In the event that a competition only has 4 competitors, only 1st place trophy will be awarded.
  52. The competition must have a minimum of 3 competitors in it. If less than 3 competitors have entered, the competitor may to enter into a division in the next higher division .
  53. The use of any type of fire is prohibited on the competition floor for all of the competitions.
  54. The competitor is allowed to bring a small trolly or something that can be used as an extra table to put extra items on top when necessary due to small tables that are sometimes provided.
  55. The competitor can put all the needed items in a open box that be placed on top of the competitors nail kit.
  56. There is absolutely no touching of the models once the models are lined up in the Q for judging.
  57. Once the briefing begins the models hands must be on the table and the competitors hands must be placed on their laps under the table.
  58. Military and religious themes are forbidden.


Submitted Nail Art General rules. 


  1. The competitor is not allowed to use copyrights elements. For example: Disney, Warner bros, Sanrio,Alice in WonderlandMOVIE characters
  2. All entries may be submitted for any of the INJA competitions multiple times. Once the entree has taken 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any division at any of the INJA competitions, it can not longer be submitted for a new competition.
  3. No repeat trophied entries from past years are allowed.
  4. Pictures will be available from past competitions for judge’s reference.
  5. Artwork will be prepared and finished by the competitor prior to the competition.
  6. Every competitor should be prepared to verbally explain how something was created, if asked by the judges.
  7. Competitors may only submit their own work that they do by hand.
  8. All entrees may be questioned and the competitor asked to recreate a portion of the work submitted as proof.
  9. The tip/s may be bought or made. If the tips are create by hand, they must have the same proportions and c-curve as commercial tips
  10. All entries must be presented at the time scheduled for the organization and left at the competition until after the close of the competition and award ceremony with the exception of fantasy nail art.
  11. No entries left after the close of the competition will be returned. It is the competitors’ responsibility to pick up their work at the designated time and place.
  12. All entries, except fantasy on model, may be accompanied by a typed description of the work involved, including what types of nail art media were used. The description must be written in both English and the native language of the hosting country that the art is entered in. 
  13. The descriptions must be attached to the box( not apart), short, easy to read.
  14. Having a display any larger may result in the competitors entree not being displayed and if it is too large, it may not be accepted or get 5 points deduction. This is left to the discretion of the head judge.
  15. Maximum of 1 submission for each competition per competitor
  16. You must be present to enter the Competition.