“Mixed Media Box” Criteria

The maximum score given for each of the 10 criteria judged for this competition are:
a. Level of difficulty 20pts
b. Balance 10pts
c. Composition 10pts
d. Originality 10pts
e. Media 10pts
f. Graphic Quality 10pts
g. Continuity of theme 10pts
h. Clarity of design 10pts
i. Color Theory 10pts
j. Workmanship 10pts

Level of Difficulty
• The complexity of the design is evaluated on it’s degree of expertise.
• Is the art executed without any elaboration (simple) or is there more difficulty and
expertise put into the making of the design.

• The design should not be too busy or too sparse.
• The art should look evenly balanced on each nail and from nail to nail.
• There should not be large portions on the surface of the nail left without design.
• The combination of artistic elements add a feeling of equilibrium or stability to the

• How the artwork is proportioned
• The design should have movement from each nail so that the eye is drawn from
nail to nail.
• The nails represent the artwork individually while also representing the artwork in its
• Different dimension within the artwork depending the placement of each piece as
the completed scene.

• The theme or design should be something you have not seen before or an original
interpretation of artwork that is commonly seen.

• There must be a minimum of 3 art mediums used on every nail.
• The mediums should used to represent harmony in a creative manner.
• The mediums should be used for gradation to accent the artwork
• Each media will receive 1/3 of the score. If 4 or more mediums are used the score
will be divided appropriately

Graphic Quality
• The texture of the design is done perfectly to represent the style chosen.
• Use of art mediums must used to create emphasis and texture.
• If there is line or details in the artwork, the space and shape must be well defined

Continuity of Theme
• The theme should be carried through the design in some manner on each nail.
• The design should compliment and have continuance from nail to nail while
representing the theme.

Clarity of Design
• The design must be apparent and identifiable?
• Is there intensity that enhances the clarity on each nail?
• All of the artistic representation must be presented in a manner that is identifiable.

Color theory
Use of Color or chromatic analysis
• How the color theory has been applied.
• Emphasis helps to see the definition of artwork
• The hues of colors chosen should complement the design and flow throughout or
graduate through all nails/object.
• Value has been applied, use of dark and light.

• The ability to represent all of the artistic elements properly, with a clean appearance.
• There should not be any visible imperfections in the construction of the artwork. For
example; there should not be any visible imperfections in the construction of the
artwork. For example; fingerprints into the paint, glue resin on embellishments.
Excessive amount of gel. Dust that was not properly removed are all considered
poor workmanship.