“Salon Trend Pedicure Tip Art” Rules

                        Religious and military subjects are forbidden !!!

1. Salon trends pedicure tip art is a submission type  competition.
2. Artwork is to be designed on the nail tips and mounted and placed on a black board
3. The tips must be displayed separately. Do not attach them together.
4. A full set of 10 the nail tips with a maximum length of 2cm must be used to create the artwork and must reflect different nail sizes, as real the nails do. Example of a good tip size range: larger size 0 or 1. The middle tips 2,3 or 4 and the smallest size 5. Anyone using all one size tips will have an automatic 5 point deduction to their final score.

5. Competitors may use the following nail art media: ALL Gel products, ALL acrylic
products, ALL types of painting (Micro art), Polish. Nail art embellishments such as
Rhinestones, pearls, bullion, foils, and holograms may be used. Crome and pearl
dust, any nail art effect offered for nails.
6. No decals of any kind are allowed. Stamping is allowed.
7. The artwork for this competition will be judged as a “salon trend.” The judges expect
to see artwork that you would see in the salon.
8. The artwork should have design and current trend.
9. There is no score for theme in this competition. It should NOT have a theme or have
artwork that has murals or pictorial style artwork. The judges will maximize the
score given if the artwork is too extreme for salon work.
10. Total points is 100.