“Salon Trend Soak Off Gel Manicure” Criteria

Nail Shape

  • The shape of the nails looks symmetrical. ? Point
  • The top of the free edge must be filed smoothly. ? Point
  • All free edge shapes are acceptable, but they must have symmetry.


  • No cuts or irritation around the nail folds.
  • All dead tissue is properly removed.
  • The proximal nail fold is pushed back and appears properly maintained
  • There is not excessive removal or cutting of the living tissue attached to the nail folds
  • The nail grooves are not removed or damaged • 1 point per finger


  • No visible dust or debris is allowed. ? Point
  • No glue or excessive gel products of any kind. ? Point

Surface Smoothness

  • No file lines of demarcations should appear on the surface of the nail. ? Point
  • It should feel smooth like glass with no bumps or pits on the surface. ? Point

High Shine

  • The top sealer must be shiny on the entire surface of the nail. ? point
  • There should not be any dull spots on the surface and all gel residues must be well removed. The surface should not have any residual inhibition layer ? point

Color Application

  • The Application of the product should completely cover the surface of the entire nail.
  • Product must be applied evenly with no streaks.
  • The colors should look extremely solid with no transparencies
  • The product should appear evenly spaced around the cuticle with no more than 1/2 mm between the skin and product.
  • The tip of the free edge must be covered completely.
  • No gel products of any kind should appear on the cuticles or surrounding skin

Level of Difficulty

  • The complexity of the design is evaluated on its degree of expertise on each nail.
  • The art should be executed in a manner that appears to be difficult on each nail.
  • The score is based on the degree of expertise put into the making of the design on each nail.

Use of Color

  • The colors chosen should complement the design.
  • The colors should represent the design and theme appropriately
  • The colors should flow throughout or graduate through all 10 nails.
  • The colors should complement and contrast at the same time.


  • The design should be something you have not seen before.
  • If the design is something commonly seen, it should be done in a manner that is in a new creative and unusual use of art media.


  • Creative use with products used

• There should be a creative collaboration of art and style that is brought together.

  • If embellishments are used, there should be a creative manner in which they are used to create the design.